European Parliament Workshop: Inequalities in access to Cleft and Craniofacial Care

Prof Mossey & Prof Ayoub outside European Parliament

Prof Peter Mossey, University of Dundee and Prof Ashraf Ayoub, University of Glasgow, both members of the SOHRC Craniofacial Research Group participated in the European workshop in Brussels on 27th February 2018 which included MEPs, Policy-makers, the European Cleft Organisation (ECO) and other major stakeholders.

The workshop hosted by Sean Kelly, MEP, aimed to raise awareness within the European Commission of the inequalities in cleft care across Europe and to discuss future developments and solutions in a research context. Speakers included Gareth Davies, Executive Director of ECO, Dr Martin Persson, University of Kristianstad and Prof Peter Mossey. They outlined the medical, social and psychological problems encountered by people with facial clefts and highlighted the issues surrounding access to good quality care. Discussions also focussed on education and interventions which could bring significant benefits to individuals, their families and society as a whole.

European Parliament Workshop Report

First published: 8 October 2018