Knowledge Transfer Partnerships at the University of Glasgow

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are collaborative partnerships creating positive impact and driving innovation.

For more than 45 years, KTP has successfully and consistently increased competitiveness and productivity for the businesses taking part. KTP projects provide structure and funding support to help businesses undertake open innovation and scale up through collaboration with world-leading academic experts from the University of Glasgow.

Each KTP is a three-way partnership between a business, an academic institution and a KTP Associate and can last between 12 and 36 month. The academic partner helps to recruit a graduate, known as the KTP Associate. This KTP Associate is employed by the university but works at the company for the duration of the project.

The University of Glasgow takes part in a number of KTP projects, supported by the West of Scotland KTP Centre.

Cell Guidance Systems

Professor Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez, Professor Matthew Dalby and Dr Natasha Lewis discuss their KTP project with biotechnology company Cell Guidance Systems.

The Crichton Trust

Professor David Flynn and Sonam Norbu give insights into their KTP project with The Crichton Trust, a parkland estate in the outskirts of Dumfries to provide smart energy solutions.


Dr Simeon Skopalik, Dr Manlio Tassieri and Professor Manosh Paul from University of Glasgow discuss their KTP project with Soapworks Ltd, the UK's premier manufacturer of soaps and cleansing bars for body, hair and face.


Adwait Naik, Dr Guodong Zhao and Dr Sajjad Hussain talk about their KTP with learning technology software provider, eCom.