Library print periodicals update

In advance of the Library Annexe Cladding Project starting in Summer 2024, Arts and Social Science print periodicals have moved.

Why have the periodicals been moved?

The periodical collections supporting both CoA and CoSS have been relocated to the Library Research Annexe (LRA) to consolidate those with MVLS and CoSE periodicals which moved to the LRA over 5 years ago. The move allows us to coherently manage the collection and better preserve the content for future use by storing it in a secure location.

Finding the periodicals

Use Library Search to find the correct location, the most recent issues of titles not available in electronic format will remain in the main Library and be relocated to Level 7 Annexe. 

Accessing the periodicals

Both Scan & Send and Virtual Consultation requests can be accommodated by the staff at the LRA, more information on both services. The reader area at LRA is currently being refurbished, so if digital delivery is not suitable physical copies can be sent back to the main Library for consultation. This service is supported by a regular delivery from the LRA, currently on Tuesday and Friday, with options to increase frequency if required.

Working on a full run of a title

If you need to work on a title run, please get in touch to discuss your requirements so we can look at the best way to ensure access to the materials.

Reading Lists

Reading lists items can be accessed from the LRA for digitisation or transfer back to the main Library. More information and timescales:

An image of the library annexe with the new upgraded cladding