Cost of living: a support guide

We can offer you a wide range of support, to assist you with the challenges of the rising cost of living. We recognise that financial challenges can be a significant worry, which may affect your mental health, ability to study and overall wellbeing.

If you think you’re in financial difficulty now and require support, please go to the Financial Aid webpages linked below to find out more about which funds you’re eligible to access.

I don’t think I’m in difficulty yet, but I’m worried about the rising cost of living

There’s lots that you can do to prevent getting into financial difficulty.   

Maximise your funding

Check with your student finance body (SAAS, SFE, SFNI, SFW) to make sure you’ve applied for all the loans and grants that you’re eligible to receive. Some UK students may also be eligible for welfare benefits during their studies, contact the SRC advice centre who can carry out a full benefit check for you.

Student support officers are available in each college, to talk through challenges and to signpost you to the right support services.

The SRC Advice Centre Team are also on hand to offer a range of practical advice on things like housing, council tax and national insurance.

I think things are getting difficult for me financially, what can I do?

If your financial situation is getting difficult, check if you’re eligible for financial aid. There are a variety of funds available that support students in different circumstances. It’s important you check you’re eligible before applying, so read the information carefully.

I’m in financial difficulty, I need support, where do I go?

If you’re in financial difficulty currently...

  • your expenditure is more than your income, or
  • you’re worried you won’t be able to pay bills, or
  • you’re facing a short-term financial emergency)

...apply for financial aid

Financial aid is available for any student (UK, EU and International, PGR, PGT and UG) facing financial hardship. There is a short application form to fill in, and then the financial aid team will assess your eligibility and make an award recommendation if you’re successful.

Who can I speak to?

Not sure who to speak to?  Looking for support with submitting an application for Financial Aid?   Contact :

If you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of some emotional support, the University offers a variety of resources to help you.

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